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Die Woche in Australien in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Austr@alien Mag@zine

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German Language Australian News Network

The Austr@alien Mag@zine and its Partner and news supplier the GLANN - German Language Australian News Network has provided German language related news with a distinguished Australian flavour since 1992.

Its beginning grew out of the Queensland's correspondents office for the German publication "Die Woche in Australien" (The week in Australia), a printed weekly newspaper which is a great service to the German language migrant community in Australia since 1957.

Read by many Australian enthusiasts, as well by friends of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and it is used by business people, tourists and expatriates for their share of information. The GLANN news network is spanning several continents.

After the first experimental trials to publish "Die Woche in Australien" (The week in Australia) online in 1995 the Queensland correspondent bureau has set up their office towards facilitating the latest in network computer technologies, in house desktop publishing, online web publishing and web hosting.

Sadly the first online publication of  "Die Woche in Australien" in 1995 could not convince the managers and publishers of the Sydney base newspaper. Computers then where still seen as play toys and have not been used extensively in the Sydney office. The internet in these early days, was as far fetched as the moon is to Venus and these very busy people had a weekly rag to print. They have had not missed one week of publishing in all these 50 years! So no one could blame them for not realizing that, with the newly emerging internet a big wave of change was just about to come.

In 1996 the GLANN- German Language Australian News Network was founded in the Brisbane office. Its purpose is, to foster the survival of the German language media pioneers who have long played a important role in Australia’s history, into an age influenced by new technology and radically changing communication values.

With its first publication of the Austr@alien Mag@zine in the beginning of 1996 , GLANN  achieved the status of being the fist German Language Online publication with Australian contents on the Internet!

At that time the contract with "Die Woche" was inaugurated and both publications went on to serve the growing number of German language readers in their own ways. While the weekly kept printing, delivering papers and getting ink on their fingers as usual, GLANN and the Austr@alien Mag@zine started to dive into new dimensions. Cyberspace was the new frontier.

An advanced thinking and supportive gathering of Australian, German, Austrian and Swiss businesses the GABA - German Australian Business Association in Brisbane joined a function of the GLANN in this early year. The vision and possibilities of that new thing called the Internet, where advertised to a receptive and quite overwhelmed audience by Bill Hauber, the founder and manager of GLANN  and owner of the Austr@alien Mag@zine . Bill Hauber, the Queensland based German Language Media Correspondent successfully serviced the QLD bureau of "Die Woche in Australien" for many years.

"It was time to move on and the ink on the fingers had become a drag...."

Journalist turned correspondent, turned web designer and web publisher. "Well in the beginning also I did not know what works how, I must admit. But after many years working with the internet, it is like using the telephone or a fax machine, one gets used to it. It is easy once you get to know the buttons."

Web designers in the early days where hard to come by. As hard as it is still today to find "good" web designers! So what does one do who owns a 3 computer (286,386 and a hot 486mhz) network and a 9600kbps modem, a phone line and no job as a Queensland correspondent anymore? "Well, I had the dream to become the worlds first Australian online internet foreign correspondent with my own publication on the web, but I had no web designer.

Bummer! That’s what we say in Queensland in situations like that. Mind you, there where just a meagre 10 000 people online in Australia then. European computer businesses which we contacted still where convinced that, this internet or whatever its called over the big ocean, was just another American Fab. They told us, that they have had this since years and it is called Teletext. So who needs it and it'll never take of, we where told. It was a bit like IBM reacted many years ago when, one of their employees a Mr.Gates came up with that "silly" idea to create a operating system based on window frames and they missed out on the Microsoft success.

No worries! That’s another saying we have here in Down Under. If one wants to achieve something one only has to work hard enough and everything can be achieved. Bill web designed his way into the internet. He studied all aspect of the networking and computer technology involved and began designing and programming web pages. With a prior knowledge of computers gained from previous business ventures in his former home country Austria and an extensive knowledge of publishing, marketing and journalism as well a lifelong affection of photography, the internet was the playground made of dreams. It was not too long until he experimented with the newest and latest available technologies for web design. Ever more complex and complicated web scripts and automation of web sites for e-commerce and businesses followed.

Stunning multimedia designs based on fascinating hemispherical photographic technology were adapted. The world of this photography became an integral part of the GLANN web designs and the Austr@alien Mag@zine.

LADU - LOOK Around Down Under

360° x 360° Hemispherical Photography also known as bubble photos, round view pictures and full pano photos became a sister venture of GLANN.

Due to the utter hopelessness and severe incapability's of the Australian web hosting services available in the early days of the internet, we where forced to start our own hosting service to gain full control over this section of our business. What first was seen as a tremendous hurdle soon proved to be the best decision ever. In house hosting, was about knowing all the things concerning domain addresses, IP addresses, routing, networking and much more. The list of technological knowledge to learn was long and to put it bluntly it was sometimes quite overwhelming.

Well, again it was back to studies for Bill! Of to Bills school. What's that you might ask? That's the school Bill goes to when he doesn't know something. You could call it home schooling. But the scientific name for it, is autodidact. Someone who teaches him/her self. A necessity if one was in the business of internet already before anyone else could teach about it and before books where written about the subject. the web hosting, DuDomain the web address registration and DuDesign the web design leg of the business was founded in the year 2002. This has proven a interesting and great addition to our already great range of online services for our readers and advertising customers. All initial fears about the task to run our own hosting servers have subsided. Our hosting services these days are used by businesses from right around the world.

Many companies and Media agencies around the globe have placed their trust and confidence into the services of GLANN and its subsidiaries. In an fast changing world GLANN has ensured to move the German language Australian Media pioneers into the new millennium and we all hope that this will be still the case for many years to come.

GLANN - News Content

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and diverse range of sources delivering relevant, reliable and timely content;

  • From more than 6,500 premium websites and 200,000 business value web logs
  • In 26 languages, including multiple Asian languages
  • From 115 countries including provincial and regional sources
  • Available within minutes of publication
  • Each source reviewed and ranked by a team of editors
  • Enhanced with up to 25 individual pieces of metadata






Major News Coverage

From the New York Times to the The Guardian, BBC to CNN, Wired to Bloomberg, AP to Reuters...

Major Online-Only

Including, CNET,, Nando Times, ZDnet...

Industry & Vertical

From TelecomWeb to AccountantsWorld, Semiconductor Online to BioMedNet, Moreover provides comprehensive coverage in every industry.

Regional Coverage

Including exhaustive coverage of regional newspapers and sites - from Bangor Daily to Hawaii Tribune-Herald, the Vancouver Sun to the Ottawa Citizen, Birmingham Evening Mail to the Shropshire Star...

International Coverage

Coverage in multiple languages, from every corner of the world including sites like The Russia Journal, The Jakarta Post,, Israel Wire, AE Brazil...

Press Release Coverage

Press releases from major services including PR Newswire, Business Wire, Market Wire...

Research, Government
& Institutional Websites  

Including the FDA, FCC, EPA, EC Online, United Nations, World Bank, MIT Technology Review, Harvard University, National Cancer Institute...

Company Websites

Track changes on S&P 500, FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies including Pfizer, General Electric and Microsoft or any other company you want to follow closely.


More than 200,000 business value blogs including,,,,,, knowledgeproblem,,

Discussion Groups
& Message Boards

Monitors the latest rumours, leaks and buzz on postings from boards like Motely Fool, Raging Bull, F**ked Company, SlashDot, as well as thousands of Usenet groups.

Any Source

Any additional online or internal source added upon request.


German Language Australian News Network

Become a Source:

Join us and become a GLANN source. If you are a publisher covering news, reports and articles with a distinguished Australian contents we seek your contact. You could be in Australia writing about German speaking events or you could write about Australians living in German language Europe. Please fill in our online form and our editors will review your publication shortly to categorize your site.

GLANN would like to hear from you if you are a journalist or a travel reporter who is interested to join our network. NEW!! We are looking for media students who would like to take up a practicum with GLANN. Places are available in Sydney, Melbourne, the Whitsunday Island - Queensland and Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

To contact us Click here!


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Die Woche in Australien in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Austr@alien Mag@zine

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