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Are you looking for something you always wanted to know about Australia?

Like for example, why is it called Down Under or how often does the landmass of Europe fit into Australia ? Do Kangaroos really just hop when the ground gets to hot? What is a "Drongo", who claimed that the Aussies are a weird mob or do we feel it that we stand on our heads in Down Under?

For all these or even less important questions. WORD SEARCH our pages.

Use this form to search our web for documents which have certain words or word combinations. The search motor will produce a weighed listing of documents which will show the most relevant on top of the list.

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How to search

The search motor allows for the use of Boolean impressions which use words like AND, OR, and NOT

For example: :o)

crocodile food
finds documents which have "crocodile" and/or "food" included

crocodile or food
same as above "or"

crocodile and food
finds documents with "crocodile" and "food"

crocodile not food
finds documents with "crocodile" but not with "food"

(crocodile not food) and DARWIN
finds documents with 'DARWIN', plus "crocodile" but not "food"

finds documents which start with Aust- eg.: Austr-ian Austr-alien
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